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3Pillars Strategies from Aha! Creative

21st century digital marketing has grown far beyond the one-size-fits-all Facebook posts of the past. Today’s digital marketing includes a dizzying array of tactics and techniques, each with its own set of rules and reasons for use.



Average Time Per Day
Spent Viewing a Connected
Digital Device
7.85 Hours Every Day
Across All Demographics

Digital Experts

At Aha! Creative, we’ve invested nearly a half million dollars in the techniques, talent, software, training, and audience research to put digital marketing to work for our clients. We call this innovative approach our 3Pillars Strategies — a client-customized combination of Social Media, Programmatic, and Search tactics that identify your audiences, optimize your message, and deliver that message most cost-effectively — with an ROI you can actually track and revise in real time.

Social Media

Delivering timely content to build your audience, promote your products, and drive website/call traffic.

  • Deep audience research/analysis and detailed specific audience targeting and messaging
  • Competitor analysis
  • Content calendars to allow ad scheduling/budgeting in advance
  • Develop, monitor, revise, and report in real time


Engaging your customers based on their geography, website visits, past searches and more with cost-efficient tactics.

  • GeoFence
  • Site Retargeting
  • Contextual Keyword Retargeting
  • OTT Video and Radio
  • CRM Retargeting including email and physical address
  • Conversion Zone Tracking


Implementing site content to optimize organic SEO and paid placement of your ad message at the top of search results pages for prospects actively searching for your product or service.

  • Keyword/keyphrase optimization
  • Extensive competitor analysis/research
  • Landing page creation and optimization
  • Customer-centered Call to Action (CTA)
  • Bid optimization using multiple customer-specific parameters
  • Search engine retargeting

At Aha! Creative, we excel at building strategies that work — within client goals, budgets, timeframes, and expectations. 3Pillars from Aha! Creative — Nextgen marketing today.

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