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The Challenge: Matagorda County EDC wanted an “umbrella” website that encompassed the Cities and Ports within the county and a consistent look and feel between the 5 sites. The emphasis on the excellent opportunities had to be balanced with the rich history and amazing culture of the area while remaining clean and easy navigation and a solid user experience. All while providing consistency with the other City and Port sites in development.

Our Concept: By leading with images and highlighting key statistics, we wanted to create a well-rounded, fully functional website with touches of movement and easy navigation. Our simplified interface created a framework to build a clean, modern site with bold colors that’s easy to navigate but makes a statement.

The Result: The natural beauty of Matagorda County blends nicely with the economic development information that decision-makers need to see. The site is dynamic, simple, but makes a clear statement that the future of the area is ripe with opportunity. By showcasing the existing industry and available sites and buildings, we’ve made the experience of visiting the Matagorda EDC website enjoyable and informative.

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