Loretto Telecom

The Challenge: The 125-year-old telecom provider needed to expand awareness of their company, educate the community about fiber internet capabilities and let people know when those services were coming to their local areas. While the company had aggressively moved into cutting edge digital services, their existing marketing plan still depended completely on local radio, newspaper, billboards and direct mail – all shotgun, one size fits all methods that provided no ROI and had diminished results over the preceding 4 to 6 years.

Our Concept: We worked with Loretto Telecom to reallocate their marketing budget, steering away from high dollar/low ROI tactics and integrating trackable individualized solutions, while utilizing traditional marketing tactics where appropriate. We incorporated a variety of targeted digital tactics that allowed Loretto Telecom to deliver tracked messaging down to the specific home address in some cases. These included contextual search, geofencing, website retargeting, and social media utilizing a variety of imagery and talking points to attract the different audiences.

We monitored and freshened the content regularly, while maintaining consistency, to continue to increase awareness. To reinforce lead conversion, we also developed website landing pages that are specific for the areas under construction, newly launched product or areas that need more interest from the neighborhood to implement construction. We also freshened traditional media, including targeted direct mail, outdoor advertising, and very selective local media (radio and newspaper) that was consistent with the overall brand message and positioned to build and support the telecom’s message and brand.

  • Reallocated budget to implement new strategy lower than original budget
  • Audience research to define and identify audience types by location, household, age, and more
  • Complete website content revamp to increase site visitor friendliness and improve SEO
  • Full integration of all digital/social media channels
  • A variety of popular video and static ads promoting the LorettoTel brand and message
  • A balance of digital and traditional marketing tactics to best engage target audiences
  • Brand design to celebrate 125th anniversary of the company and supporting collateral

The Result: Over a 9-month period Aha! Creative has increased Loretto Telecom’s exposure exponentially while decreasing their overall marketing spend. For the first time the client also has access to data, results, and ROI through a real time dashboard system, regular summaries and scheduled meetings.

  • 28% increase in web visitors within 30 days
  • 40% increase in campaign generated tracked calls per month
  • 100,000 ad impressions per month
  • 900,000 total campaign generated impressions to date
  • 1,000 average clickthroughs and engagements generated by digital ads per month
  • 10.91% Google ad conversion rate is 500% better than industry average (2.92%)
  • 7.93% clickthrough rate is 250% better than industry average (3.05%)

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