Aha! Creative Begins Work on Phase Three of the Branding and Awareness Campaign for the Alabama Partnership for Children

The Alabama Partnership for Children (APC) has renewed its partnership with Aha! Creative to begin Phase Three of the “Feed Me Words” campaign. In 2019 Aha! Creative and APC began Phase One by creating the “Feed Me Words” campaign, a statewide initiative to help get Alabama families connected with vital resources aimed at increasing the language nutrition of young children from birth to three years of age. The initial launch of the program included a branding strategy and comprehensive social media marketing plan to increase awareness of the Feed Me Words initiative in Alabama.

During Phase One of the campaign, they established strategic positioning through the execution of the brand look and messaging and launched a streamlined and easy-to-use website targeting extended families with young children.

Phase Two of the campaign included a statewide social media marketing strategy employing multiple audience groups, messaging, and imagery to boost awareness of the resources offered by the Feed Me Words initiative. As a result of the social media campaign there were:

  • Over 2 million people reached (unique visitors)
  • Over 51 million social media ad impressions
  • 14,079 website visitors
  • 14,512 website sessions over 7 months, 83% via social media
  • 37 million video plays on Facebook and YouTube combined
  • 36,162 link click-throughs via Social Media

Phase Three of the campaign, currently in process, includes a brand refresh for Feed Me Words, which will consist of a new logo and website, along with the creation and production of a brand video, which will be used in broadcast and digital channel streams throughout the state. To see the current Feed Me Words website, click here.

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