Case Study: Community Action Agencies

We Get Results

Our social media awareness campaign for the Tennessee Association of Community Action reached every part of the state.

Social media impressions

Ads were shown 25 million times to 3 million people. With 70 unique videos watched over 7.5 million times, TACA’s message was spread far and wide.

Social media impressions

Over 1 million people engaged with the campaign directly on social media.

Social media engagements

Talking to Your Audience

At Aha! Creative, we understand that you have a story to tell, and we’re here to help you tell it. We connect you with your audience and help deliver your message to those who need to see it, whether it’s on social media, mobile devices, print, or in person. Let's tell your story - together.

A Responsive Website

Responsive web design for Highland Rim Economic Corporation

Here's the reality: today more than 80% of your audience will see your message on a smart phone or mobile device, so making your website mobile-friendly is essential. It needs to be easy to navigate and fully responsive for all devices, and have information that’s clear and helpful. We specialize in building Community Action websites that are interactive and optimized for the mobile devices your audience depends on.

Highland Rim Economic Corporation
South Central Human Resource Agency

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